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Business system Issue

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Hi Experts,

I have one doubt regarding the business system in SLD.

In my development PI system i am using BS_R3_CD1200_DEV business system and i am using file based transport strategy.

For quality PI system our basis team has created BS_R3_CQ1500_QAS business system.

Now my doubt is that when we transport our configuration scenaio in quality does it detects automatically BS_R3_CQ1500_QAS business system or do i need to do some configuation.

Moreover in development system i am using client 200 and for quality the client is 500.Is there any issue regarding that ?

Please provide your valuable inputs on this.


Anku chopra

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It depends on the transport method you use ...

if you are using CTS based transport method then no need to do anything in QAS system after transporting...only thing you need to do is in DEV SLD map the business systems ..

source target

BS_D_CD1200_DEV - BS_Q_CQ1500_QAS

also you need to create the groups for DEV,QAS and PRD.. in DEV SLD...