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Business Objects

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Hi All,

I need to create a workflow for customer master and vendor master.

Can anyone tell me what are the business objects for them??

I tried searching the same. But didnt succeed.

Also can you tell me which business object i can use for material master i.e; either bus1001 or bus1001006??



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Answers (2)

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The business objects provided by SAP for the customer master and Vendor master are obselete since Release 46A. But you can use their structure(key fields,attributes, methods etc.) to create your own custom business objects.

The business objects used previously by SAP are

BUS1007 - Customer.

BUS1008 - Vendor.

Coming to the material master business object, The BO 'BUS1001006' is the subtype of 'BUS1001'. So I feel it it would be better to use BUS1001006 as this includes the events like 'Created' and 'ViewCreated' which are obsolete in the business object BUS1001. Don't forget about the delegation before using the business object.

FYI........When you want to search for a business object, one of the better ways is to go to the Transaction BAPI. In the global search (Ctrl+F), give the description that you are looking for and check the radio button 'Object Description'.

Hope this will help you.



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HI samson.

thanQ , it is very help full info for every one


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hi perunmal raj,

once i had used bus1001006 for material master, u can use it for working with material master. im not sure wether u can use bus1001.

i'll let u know for vendor and customer master.