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Business Objects Enterprise 11.5 FTP Transfer Problem

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Hopefully someone out there will be familiar with the issue I'm having and be able to provide a solution.

We are running Business Objects Enterprise 11.5 on our Windows 2003 server.  I've created and scheduled a job on the server that creates an XLS file containing loan portfolio data that is to be transmitted to a third party client on a monthly basis.

The problem centers around the method of transfer, which is via FTP to a secure site hosted by the client.  When executed through Crystal, the FTP actually does achieve a successful login using the credentials the client provided (we have verified this repeatedly by looking at the logs), but the client's server "kicks out" when we attempt any operation on it.

A similar result was produced when we attempted to FTP to the site via the Windows command line.  The login was successful, but even a simple command to view the directory "dir" resulted in the connection being rejected.   To make a long story short, after reviewing the issue extensively with the client's technical department, our conclusion was that the problem was the result of the FTP sending in "active" mode instead of "passive".  We confirmed this by installing a freeware FileZilla on the same server, and switching between active and passive modes (active failed, passive did not).

Their tech people recommended that we contact SAP to get answers to two questions, which I'm hoping someone out there may know:

1)  How does Business Objects Enterprise 11.5 execute the FTP process?  Is it using its own native logic or simply invoking the command line?

2)  Is there any setting with the console that would enable us to modify the FTP settings to send force it to send in passive mode?


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This is a known limitation. BO only supports active mode for FTP. Refer 1782115 - Which FTP mode is supported as a schedule or publication destination for reference.

If you are able to write a batch file or a program object to transfer a file from a file location to Client FTP, you can try the below workaround.

1. Add the script\batch file as a program object in BO. In the script make sure you include the code to delete the instance after it is successfully transmitted through FTP.

2. Create a File event pointing to the location along with the name of the instance.

3. Schedule the report to the file location with the specific instance name.

4. Schedule the program object based on the file event you created in step 2.

Hope this helps.



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Thank you all very much for responding so promptly.

We suspected as you've indicated that it was only transferring in active mode but were not completely certain.  We will proceed with a batch process to transfer the file as you've recommended.

Thanks, again.

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Please make sure both port 21 and 22 are open at the firewall.

ftp-data         20/tcp                           #FTP, data

ftp                21/tcp                           #FTP. control

Hope this helps,