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business objects Connector for SAP IDM

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Hello Experts,

I'm working on business objects Connector for SAP IDM 7.2, the problem is when i try to write data on the "URL" i got an error message as follow :

the line concerned by the error is as follows

apparently we can't instantiate the object "DataOutputStream" !

Anyone have ant idea to solve this problem or another way to do it ?


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what is your approach to connect to BusinessObjects? Are you using the RESTful Web Services SDK or the Java SDK? See this page for an overview.

The usage of a JSON object in your code makes me believe that your using RESTful web services and a URLConnection object from JavaScript. In this case, make sure you have made calls to openConnection and setDoOutput methods before trying to obtain the OutputStream.

You may want to refer to this page of Oracle's Java Tutorials for a working example of wrting to a URLConnection.

One general question regarding the RESTful Web Services SDK: assuming you intend to create users and assign groups in BO from your IDM connector, have you verified that the RESTful Web Services SDK really provides these capabilities? I've worked on a similar project and could only achieve these tasks using the Java SDK.

Best regards,


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Hello Lambert,

Thanks for the documentation.
Now, we did not at all attempt to connect to BI / BO, just a test service.

I used the method described on this  blog.

I also checked out that i have made calls to OpenConnection and SetDoOutPut before the OutPutStream, also review the documentation about how to use the RESTFUL web service and it said i can use the the fonctionnalities that i need !

FI : I made the first steep i can read the data from the URL,  now i'm just trying to write them