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Business Object R3 Installation

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Hello Frds,

I am the new user to this forum.

I am facing a problem while installing the BOXIr3 on my PC.

The exact scenerio is as follows:

The BOXIr3 was installed on my pc but I installed Crystal Report after that. But I dont use it so much time so I uninstalled it. Then I am not able to use the Designer and other things of BO. I had unistall the BO and trying to install it again but while need to choose the default database i.e. MySQL, I found that this option is disabled and the second option "Use Existing Database" is enable. So I continued with it but when entring to "CMS Database Information" tab where we need to select the database, I choose MYSQL and enetered all the required inputs but when click on "NEXT" button getting "CMS database error STU00226". Can anybody please help me out to resolve this issue?

Please reply ASAP

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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According to the Error Message Guide for XI 3.1 ( this error means:

CMS database error: (STU00226)


The Central Management Server (CMS) database check failed.


Ensure that a valid and stable connection to the database exists.

Hope that helps


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Thanks Caroline,

I know this message and I have that PDF for errors.

But I dont know how to solve this issue. Can you please suggest me that how can I solve that issue. I am getting this error while installing the BOr3. And I am not able to do the same.

Please Suggest.

Vijesh Chandra

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Vijesh Chandra,

It sounds like the latest install is "seeing" MySQL, but that MySQL is not in a usable state. If you have any ODBC tools you can use to try accessing MySQL to ensure it is in an operative state, that would be your first order of business. If you can't connect to MySQL using an ODBC tool, or you do not have tools "to play with", then perhaps uninstalling MySQL from your system would be good. Speaking of uninstalling, sometimes as a part of doing an uninstall, you have to also "clean" the registry. Cleaning the registry can be done manually by using Regedit, and searching for any references to "Business Objects", "BusinessObjects", "Crystal", or "MySQL" and deleting those entries. A word of caution, messing around with regedit the wrong way can disable your system, so proceed carefully. Once you have a "clean" registry and no remnants of the BO or MySQL software present, reboot your system, then try to re-install again. Best wishes to you in getting BO started on your system again.



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Thanks John,

OK, Now I can see the installation in correct way.

Thank you very much John.



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