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Business days instead of Calender days in Deadline Monitoring - Reg

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I have a requirement for using the Business days instead of calender days in the Deadline monitoring. I was wondering if anybody came across such requirement and how to fulfill this. I searched the forum to get related threads, but not got so helpful ones. But, i remember seeing some settings (Not sure if it's in Deadline job scheduling or SWU3 or general Workflow / SAP Business workplace settings), there was an option of the check box "Calender days". But, not able to find it now.

Anybody, Please let me know if this is possible and if yes, how.

Thanks in advance


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Answers (4)

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I got the idea on how to implement the factory calender.Hence closing the thread.

Thank you all for your valuable inputs.

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Hi Venu,

You have to maintain the calender days in SCAL transaction. Then build a custom object for Deadline which takes the date and time and offset(number of days of interval) and calculates the factory calender days after the offset time. Instantiate this object before the deadline step in the workflow and use it in the step. You can find more info in Practical Workflow for SAP book by SAPPRESS.

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Hi VJ,

you need to use calendar id's for your Business days.

Calendar id is a three digit code, so ask your functional consultants and client to use which of the calendar id's in the system as there are standard calendar ids SAP has provided.

You can check them in SCAL tcode.

Once you know your calendar id, you could use the FM END_TIME_DETERMINE and implement it in your WF.

Hope it helps.


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Go through [this link|] on the WUG archives, Jocelyn' input is specifically to calculate deadline based on business/work days. Go through all the messages on that topic to get a better understanding.

Hope this helps.