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Business Content change in SAP MDM 7.1

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Hi Team,

Can anyone tell me what is upgrate done in SAP MDM 7.1 with reference to Business Content ?

I already have the link:

Need solution ASAP... preferable with comparison to SAP MDM 5.5.

Thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Priti,

If you can access SAP notes, Please refer to the SAP notes.

1. SAP Note - 1235338 - Portal Content upgrade from SP6 to MDM 7.1

2. SAP Note - 1070163 - MDM 7.1 Release Notes

3. SAP Note - 1259008- MDM 5.5 &7.1 Portal Standard iView Note

4.SAP Note - 1035773 - MDM EMployee Content Information

5 SAP Note - 1252884 - MDM Customer Content INformation

6.SAP Note - 1252883 - MDM Vendor Content Information

7. SAP Note - 1268212 - MDM Employee Content Information

8. SAP Note - 1252846 - MDM Product Content Information

9. SAP Note - 1255401 - MDM Material Content Information

Is that something you are looking for? Let me know if you do not have access, I will send it to you.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Priti,

Shai has already posted a list of useful SAP notes that describe in details what happended between MDM 5.5 and 7.1.

The short story is that we've ensured the full functionality for the business content as is in MDM 7.1 SP0 and SP1. In other words, we did not change the structure of the repositories at all. A renovation of the business content is currently in development. With MDM 7.1 SP2 (should be released somewhen in May) we'll deliver new content for the Material and Vendor. Further enhancements are planned for the future releases.

Best regards


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Hi Michael,

Thank you for the update.

Hi Shailender,

Thank you for the SAP notes.