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BUS8089 CREATED Event not triggered

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Hello Community,

i'm currently working on the travel management FI-TV. After creating a travel expenses report, the event CREATED of business object BUS2089 is not triggered. I checked the logs etc. Creating the Event via PR05 or SWUE didnt help. Could the TRVPA configuration be the issue?

To make it clear: The problem is not the event linkageof BUS2089 is correct. I'm asking for the possible reasons why the event is not triggered at all after travel expense report.

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (3)

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For T&E event will get triggered from PR05. Please check the following:

1.) In workflow template CREATED event is active or not ? You can also check T-Code SWE2 against BO BUS2089 whether event linkage is active or not ?

2.) Check T-code SWELS, event Trace should be ON. If Trace is ON then ceck SWEL T-Code after T&E creation using PR05.

3.) Hope other workflows are working fine in your system. If it is fresh system then check T-Code SWU3 also.

4.) After PR05 execution check whether any run time error get caused or not in ST22.

If all these are correct then check the User ID parameter (who is executing PR05) wheather workflow parameter is maintained or not.



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  I think you asked in wrong forum

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The fact that the event exist in the business object do not necessarily mean that it will be raised...

if you checked the event log (swel) and the event is not raised by standard, there are ways to raise events by change documents (swec), user status(bsvw) or a user exit/BADI by calling the sap_wapi_create_event function module.