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Bug in Bw statistics

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Hi gurus,

I have a strange problem in BW Statistics.

As you know the key of RSDDSTAT table is STATUID, and for each navigation should be one entry in this table.

The problem is that in BW Statistics query I got the number of navigations, for one STATUID value, is more than 1. In addition, the other statistics values in BW Statistic cube are not equal to the values in RSDDSTAT table. e.g QOLAPTIME, Selected DB etc.

I think this problem occurs just when I run a query in WAD.

Is there a note which describe this problem ?


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hope following oss note may explain this ....

- 309955 - BW statistics - Questions, answers, errors

- 750554 - Importance of time stamps in RSDDSTAT

- 608483 - BW statistics: Reports for Web reports


a) The database access times (table RSDDSTAT) are not always recorded correctly, but added to the OLAP time.


... In general however you will not always be able to easily compare the difference in time stamps with the specified times of a data record.