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Buffer Program in creased

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What should I do with the buffer? It is in RED and 2430. How do I fix this buffer issue? any parameter needs to be edited? Please. My QA is working slow too. is it making it run slow?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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am not sure what you looking out for,however you may wish to check below-

<b>1)Export/import buffer:</b>

Tcode = RZ11

a) Size in the shared memory:

Parameter = rsdb/obj/buffersize [in kilobytes]

Default: 4,096 [kB]

Maximum: 2,097.148 [kB] for kernel release 3.I to 6.20 with a patch number

lower than 1129. Size restrictions no longer apply to releases above this

level. Every directory requires approx.

b) Number of the bufferable objects (directories):

Parameter = rsdb/obj/max_objects

Default: 2.000

The number of directories must be adapted to the total size of the buffer:

Each directory needs approximately 430 bytes of administrative information

in the buffer. All together, the directories should not take up more than

10% of the buffer, to allow enough memory space for the objects being


<b>2)Program Buffer</b>

Tcode = ST02


abap/buffersize Size of program buffe

abap/pxa Program buffer mode

<b>3)Extended Memory</b>


parameter = ztta/roll_extension


The value specifies the amount of memory that one user context can allocate to the SAP extended memory. This value is valid for all types of work processes.You can also control the quotas for dialog and non-dialog work

processes separately. To do this use parameters ztta/roll_extension_dia and ztta/roll_extension_nondia. For example, you can give a larger proportion of extended memory to batch processes than to dialog work processes.

<b>4)Single record buffer</b>

You should only buffer tables that you change infrequently. You specify whether or not a table should be buffered in Transaction SE13.

Changes to buffered information must be updated in the buffers of other application servers that are sharing that information. These updates can adversely affect performance. The more servers that need updating, the more expensive the update process.

<b>5)Max Runtime for a work process</b>


Parameter = rdisp/max_wprun_time

<b>6)Link to Front end</b>

SAPGUI buffers

Hope it Helps



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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