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BTP Trial-Intgration suite deleted today

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I am using a BTP Trial and Integration instance used for the intration course.

Tenantid: 7fc9d51d-1df1-43ec-a6b4-8507a2ec1042

Subaccountid: 7fc9d51d-1df1-43ec-a6b4-8507a2ec1042

Provider: AWS

After almost finishing the course Tasks today, the integration instance seems to be deleted.

As I currently use it a lot, it was automatically extended. Creating a new instance for the integation suite was  not possible.

Can this plaese be solved? Also we noticed the same for Pay as you Go instances.

Thanks and best regards,

Xander van Sitteren


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Answers (1)

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The same issue in my BTP Trial... Integration Suite deleted, but SAP Application Studio remain available... and my BTP expires in 17 days, not today!!!

And I've some test interfaces with test development on it!!!