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BTP Integration Suite API Management and Stage Relevant Configuration Parameters

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Hi all,

we are running multiple sub-accounts (CF) representing different enviroments (dev/test/preprod/prod). Artefacts are transported via CTM. Now i'm facing the challenge that we have artefacts from the API Management (Proxy / Products) which contain relevant configuration per each stage. Both in the Custom Attributes of the Proxy, aswell as in the proxy policy aswell.

For example: Service Callouts to different hosts. Having boolean flags to control the proxy flow.

Right now when the artefact is transported we need to manually adapt these kind of configuration, which might be a bit too error-prone. As we need to do it for each transport from each stage.

Is there a more convenient out of the box way to pass some external configuration besides the transport itsellf. Just like having it with CPI Artefacts and MTA extensions?

I'm open for any help 🙂


Best regards,


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Hi Alex, 

For URLs and credentials you can utilize the Key Value Map capability of the APIM solution. Still you have to maintain it once like with configuration in Cloud Integration but after transport it will stay available. We do encrypt the credentials but URLs and other config we are just using without encryption. To make clear what something is in KVM we are using the API proxy name at least or a specific generic name and a prefix for Url or authentication type.

Hopefully this is giving you an insight of a possible option.

Kind regards, 


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Hi Jordy,

thank you so much for your answer.

I tried KVMs but i'm a bit concerned about the performance of it, compared to a somehow "hard-wired" variable value during the transport / cd process.
Plus the fact of "manual"-maintaining the KVM on each stage, brought me to the conclusion to try finding an alternate way.

As another requirement is to alter a custom attribute on products, which are stage relevant.

My setup is like the following:

API Proxy is a generic proxy to a service provider, but the actual product defines the authorization:
1 API Proxy => 2 Products
Product 1 requires Basic Auth (Policy is adapted to it)

Product 2 requies a remote IDP with different host per stage, which is bound to the actual product.

The proxy policy enforces it by check the flow variables either to go left or right.

But I face the same challenge as if i'm using KVMs that i need to adapt product configuration on each stage individually.

I know with KVMs u could have the assign variable step as a generic thing in your proxy policy, but i'm not a real fan of the "configure afterwards" scenario.