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BTP CI-XML to JSON converter to generate array element with one record

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Hello Community,
I used XML to Json converter in BTP CI, where I want to specify some of the elements as an array.
This I achieved through this below option.
Only challenge now is, when there is a single record, then the JSON output didn't show as an array element. it only shows as an array when there are multiple records. 

However partner system always expects an array either single or multiple records, is their any possibility to achieve this solution ?



Thank you in advance.

Sateesh N

Active Contributor
When I test this scenario I get an array whether the XML entity is a single entity or one that is comprised of multiple entities.
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Hello Ryan,

Thank you very much for input. yes it works. 

Only thing I missed out  root node on the XML element path. instead using this data/HEAD/HEAD_ENTRIES , I used this XML element path  HEAD/HEAD_ENTRIES caused this issue.

Now I fixed it. Thank you for your input. 

Have a nice day.