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BTP Build Apps- Error while integration of BTP Destination - request failed with status code 400


Hi Team,

Application: BTP Build App

Integration of BTP Destination fetches all the BTP Destination from the BTP Cockpit.

But while clicking the relevant Destination, I am getting error as "request failed with status code 400".


**Note: The connection to above Destination works fine

Error while clicking the EntitySets

Can anyone guide me on how to rectify this error, please?


Ramani Nagarajan

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The problem was resolved.

The real issue was in the Cloud connecter. Where the Virtual host must not contain Special Characters. This was the issue. Later resolved by removing them.

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Thanks! It worked. Appreciate your consideration to post the answer. None of the below mentions this as a point to take note of which surprises me or makes me believe that the assumption is that host name rules are common knowledge to be known by everyone.

3063160 - All catalog service requests failed for system: <destination URL>/<sap_client>. OData vers...

All catalog service requests failed for system: OData version(s): V2, V4. 

SAP Help Documentation for Cloud Connector:


Even this blog and others:

None mentions this a point to note. Not sure why. But thanks a lot to post the answer. Kudos!