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BSPs configuration with multiple apps servers

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Hi Masters,

This is regrarding configure ICM and BSPs on our production box with multiple application servers.

We have our production box in a cluster environment.

The central instance is dbciSAP and apps servers are sapaps2 thru sapaps6. The database is on shared disks. Whenever the central instance fails sapaps2 takes the control and become as dbciSAP but the main dbciSAP never become a application server when ever sapaps2 acts as dbciSAP. Since we have configured load balancing concept in production environment the users can login to system thru any application server. This is waht our environment.

As part of our production box to SAP 4.7 upgrade from 4.6C, we are asked to configure the environment to deploy BSPs. We have successfully configured and deployed the BSPs in our DEV and QAS system (Both are central instances with no application servers) except production box which is due in the next month.

The process we follow to activate BSPs is as follows:

1.Define an ICM service port in /etc/services file.

2.Add the ICM related parameters in instance profiles.

3.Make sure the ICM status is active in SMICM tx.

4.Activate the BSP services in SICF as per OSS note 571484.

Now, the question is how to configure the same ICM service and activate the BSPs since we have multiple multiple application servers.

Subsequently What I am enquirying is:

Do I need to define ICM service ports on each and every hosts where the application servers are running?

Do I need to make changes to each and every instance profile of the application server?

What are the differences in configuring ICM services on central instance and application instances?

Appreciate any help in this regard.

Thanks and Regards

Murty Patchipala

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I think what you should really read up on is the SAP WebDispatcher. If are serious about running BSP/ICM across multiple app servers, this is the key technology: This may also answer some of your questions about profile parameters.

Other than that I can share what we did. We did activate the ICM and services on all app servers and central instance. The service ports of the individual servers aren't that important now because of the WebDispatcher (at least they aren't visible to the user).

Yes we did make some of the ICM profile changes in each instance profile. If your settings are the same, consider using the default profile. Are their particular settings you are interested? I will look over ours, but I don't remember any huge differences from APP server to Central Instance.