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BSP WAS 620 and 640 issues

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Hi Thomas,

We are running into several issues with BSP WAS 6.20. We have 2 instances- 1 at WAS 640 and 1 on WAS 620. The application runs perfectly in WAS 640 but we are encountering several issues in WAS 620 with the same code.

Here is one scenario:


DATA: event_id TYPE REF TO if_htmlb_data.

event_id = cl_htmlb_manager=>get_event_ex( runtime->server->request ).

On the view I have:

<htmlb:inputField id="f_product" submitOnEnter="TRUE" disabled="<%= v_linedisable %>" alignment="LEFT" required="X" type="STRING" width="115"


I works nicely in 6.4 version. But in 6.2 I don't get any handler in my event_id when I generate submitOnenter event. My event_id is initial and I can't do any data handling. What do I do?

Another scenario:

I have a tableview that works nicely in 6.4

It has selectionmode='LINEEDIT' and keyColumn='KEYCOL' from the table.

In 6.2 -

When I click on rowselection - I don't get the highlight indicator that the row is selected and I cannot edit anything. If I page navigate to the next page and come back to the previous page then I see the highlighted row.

What do I do here?

Here is the code:

<htmlb:tableView id = "MyTV1"

keyColumn = "BSPKEY"

headerText = "<%= v_pagetitle %>"

headerVisible = "TRUE"

design = "ALTERNATING"

visibleRowCount = "10"

onRowSelection = "MyEventRowSelection"

<%-- onNavigate = "MyNavigate" --%>

selectionMode = "<%= v_selectionmode %>"

<%-- focus1stSelectedCell = "X" --%>

selectedRowIndex = "<%= v_rowselection %>"

visibleFirstRow = "<%= v_firstvisiblerow %>"

emptyTableText = "No data found"

footerVisible = "TRUE"

keepSelectedRow = "TRUE"

width = "100%"

sort = "SERVER"

filter = "SERVER"

table = "//vmodelsetup/m_lines"

iterator = "<%= v_tviterator %>" />

Also, code under my reset button, which blanks out selectedRowIndex variable seems to not work in 620. The row remains highlighted. I am really hopeful that all this could be related to some patch issue that is missing.

Is it possible to upgrade just the WAS to 6.4 without touching the EPP/BASIS system (i.e. to leave it at 4.7)?

Please respond as it has become mission critical for us now with 6 weeks away from go-live.



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Hello Partho,

the BSP technology is part of the BASIS package and therefor release-dependant. If you upgrade to 6.40 you always upgrade the BASIS component. So the answer to your question is definitely "No".

6.20 and 6.40 are only numbers which define what components you use, so an upgrade is always related with a change in the software (at least of the BASIS component).

Hoping that clarifies this procedure.