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BSP to Web Dynpro ABAP

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Hi guys,

I'm new to SAP Development. In the current project I should develop an application with Web Dynpro ABAP which is similar to an existing BSP application. The BSP application has many pages, views and controllers. For me it is difficult to understand the whole logic in the application and how it works.

What would be the best way to "convert" the BSP app to WDA app?

What are the appropriate components in WDA to BSP regarding the MVC concept?

Can I use existing BSP elements in WDA?

Sorry, but no clue at the moment..

Best Regards

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Answers (2)

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My suggestion is to start over with the original busines requirements of the BSP application and redevelop from scratch in WDA as though the BSP application never existed. From a technical standpoint you probably can't reuse most of the BSP application. Perhaps the underlying model logic could be adapted, but even the way that BSP did model classes isn't really compatible with Web Dynpro (no SETTTER/GETTER methods for binding in Web Dynpro).

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I have worked in BSP and now working with Webdynpro but never tried relating the same program , but onething i can say is

the concept is same as you said MVC but but Iin BSP you need not to strictly follow MVC(Model View Controller ) which is not case in WebDynpro.

you can check the comparission in this [link|]

and look at the answer given by Amit sani in the thread


t is possible to use the BSP application inside WD ABAP or viceversa .
u can do it by eventing through portal .
you need to have the content admin role to ur user id on the portal .

thn u need to create iViews for the ur web Dynpro and ur BSP application as well .
This is required for eventing between the two applications .


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