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BSP Sessionhandling in the portal

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Hi all,

is it possible to pass session information from one BSP to another in NW04? I am asking this because of the following problem:

- calling a BSP IView opens a session and a new mode in the R3 backend system for the user requesting this BSP IView

- navigation towards a new BSP IView with the same user again opens a new mode in the R3 backend

- this behaviour can be seen for each additional BSP IView that is being called

Is it possible to configure the portal so that it receives the session/mode information for the first BSP IView call and that it passes it on for every subsequent BSP call? If yes, how can it be configured (does it have something to do with the "Authentication Schema" property of an IView?)?

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,


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My observation related to BSP applications and Portal integration is that from the portal if you access a BSP application iView portal makes a request to the backend

system which creates a session on authentication (SSO/UserMapping) and that session information gets registered with DSM in the portal. As long as the the user is in the same BSP iView the same session is used.

Once the user navigates away from the current BSP iView to something else say another BSP iview, portal terminates the current session and creates a new one for the other BSP application. (Probably this is what you are saying)

As far as I know this is by design as each BSP iView on the portal is a BSP application in the backend and I don't think you can configure in the portal to pass the same session to all different BSP applications.

Hope this helps.


-Venkat Malempati

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