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BSP pages in test system after transport have same URL as development

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Hi. I have just transported some BSP's from our development into our test system and have encountered a problem.

The URL's of each page is the same as it was in the development system, so when we try and use the pages in the test system we get a "service can not be reached" error.

I am relatively new to BSPs and this is the first time I have transported them. I presumed the URL would update to reflect each server.

Have I missed a setting or something? I searched on SDN but could not find a similar post.

Thanks a lot for your help.



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check whether the service is active in transaction SICF

(it may become inactive, when there is patch applied, upgrade , etc)

then you will get one screen there then what you need to do is

without entering anything just click execute and expand the tree to

default_hots->sap->bc->bsp->sap-> under this node you should be able to see your BSP name . right click on it and click activate.

here The BSP Name is nothing but the BSP Application name. When you create a BSP applicaiton, a SICF service is created along with the BSP application. All the request that the user makes to this BSP application is processed by the service only with the help of this corresponding SICF service.