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BSP on Enterprise Portal - BSP Test

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I can directly execute the following URL BSP page:

Now I am planning to deploy this page as a IVIEW on the EP.

Before I do this, I would like to test the page on EP in the following way.

System Administration --> Support --> Support Desk --> SAP Application

Under the Test and Configuration Tools --> I have selected the BSP as an application and hit the RUN push button.

I have selected the system and I have entered the start page as

In the same screen I see the following field named "Business Server Page (BSP) Application" (OptionalParameters). What exactly this field stands for?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In the optional parameters

If you don't have an alias defined for a BSP application when you access the BSP application the URL looks something like this.

Method 1


In the above URL the first sap is the sap name space.

The second sap is the application name space.

If you create an alias to the bsp_application_name in the application name space say bsp_application_alias for

/sap/bsp_application_name then you can access it as follows.

Method 2:


In your case "report" may the alias.

To verify this logon to your backend system and use sicf transaction. That gives you the directory structure from root and also you can see aliases.

Coming to your Optional parameters:

If accessing using method 1:

leave the defaults for sap and application name space

BSP application : Enter the BSP application name

If accessing using method 2:

leave the defaults for sap and application name space

BSP application alias: report (verify this)

If you want to pass some input parameters to the BSP application then you can pass them in "Application parameters".

Hope this helps.


-Venkat Malempati

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