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BSP Marketing Planner Error --> (After Enhancements Creation)

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Hi All,

Using Transaction EEWB I have created a new Enhancement for the Object Trade Promotion.

For the object creation, I have followed these steps:

• Transaction EEWB

• Created a new Project

• Created a new Extension with the following data:

o Business Object: Marketing Element

o Enhancements Type: Extend Data Type

• With the wizard, we have created a field (Char,10).

After creation, we have generated the new object and the generation process ended without error.

Now, I can go (using SAP GUI) to transaction CRM_MKTPL to create o to show trade promotions.

In transaction CRM_MKTPL, all operation works perfectly.

Our problem is the visualization under BSP page, precisely when I want to create a Trade Promotion using the BSP we encountered a visualization page error.

The error is the following: The page cannot be displayed

To check if the new field was generated in the BSP, we checked the BSP using the Blueprint application Builder.

In the Blueprint application Builder, we can see that the new field exists in the BSP.

I would like to tell you that we have created another Enhancement for the transaction BP.

We can see the new Enhancements calling the transaction BP (under SAP GUI), and we can see the new Enhancement via browser using the "Accounts" BSP Page (without any error).

The effective problem is the following:

Using the BSP (Marketing Planner), when we choose to search or to create a Trade Promotion we encounter an HTTP Error: The page cannot be displayed

The same error is visible (FOR THE BSP pages) if we want to create or show (Marketing Plan - Deal - Campaigns - Deal).

Using the SAP GUI transaction CRM_MKTPL we have not any kind of error, the errors are only under BSP pages.

I tried to remove the Enhancement for the transaction CRM_MKTPL, so without Enhancement all the BSP works correctly, but I need the Enhancement.

Thanks in advance.

Eugenio Cassiano.

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i am just going to address "The page cannot be displayed"as i am not aware of the other stuffs , you talked about.

from your explanation, it looks that there is some error within the code.

How do i find whats the error, in your browser go to

Tools->Internet Options->Advanced then uncheck the check box for "Show friendly http error messages".

Now run the BSP application and you should see server generated error messaged in the browser.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks a lot for your helpful answer!!

Now I Can see this error:

<b>500 SAP Internal Server Error 

Error message: Two internal tables are neither compatible
 nor convertible. ( type of termination: RABAX_STATE ) 

Do you have any suggestion??

Sincerely yours.


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from the error message it looks to me that somewhere in the code they are trying to move one internal content to another another using stt.

itab_target[] = itab_source[] .

to find out the exact error message and to see where in the code the problem is happenning, go to transaction ST22.