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BSP -> Call Function Error

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I have a BSP that I am trying to call a function from.

In the OnCreate I attempt to call the function 'ZGET_LOGIN_STATUS', this is a function created by me and when I run just the function through se37 it works perfect and gives back 3 "EXPORTING" parameters. However, in the BSP when I try it I get an error.

Business Server Page (BSP) Error


Error Id:  



Line: 32  

Long Text: -

Here is how I call in the BSP.


  • Call function and store values to table




      ADATE = wa-trdat

      AMANDT = wa-mandt

      ANAME = wa-bname


      ASYSTEM = rfcdest


      OTHERS = 1.

Now if I comment that out then everything works just fine, I have no data, but everything else works.

wa is a simple table the structure are those fields ( the ones in usr02 )

So anyone have any idea why I am getting such a strange error??????

CX_SY_DYN_CALL_PARAM_NOT_FOUND  I would assume that it is a parameter problem but I have no idea what I have one Import parameter and 3 Export parameters????

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Well I found the problem, or at least the original problem.

The problem I am getting now is

Type conflict when calling a function module (field length).

However in my BSP the fields are defined as those from usr02 as well as in the function module so I am very confused??? Any suggestions on what to check?