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With the following code it is possible to call the different events that are available

in HTML for a HTMLB inputField.

      <bsp:findAndReplace find    = "<input"
                          replace = "<input onKeyUp …. >
        <htmlb:inputField id        = "t2"
                          value     = " "
                          alignment = "left"></htmlb:inputField>

Is there a possibility to use this findAndReplace with a tableview ?

I tried it like this but it won’t work :

        <bsp:findAndReplace find    = "<input"
                            replace = "<input onKeyUp …. >

          <htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName          = "MENGE"
                                 width               = "50"
                                 edit                = "true"
                                 wrapping            = "true"
                                 horizontalAlignment = "center"
                                 title               = "Aantal"
                                 type                = "input"></htmlb:tableViewColumn>


I just want to call a JS function whenever the user puts an entry in the field from the tableview.

Any ideas, suggestions, …

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think your problem lies in your understanding of the htmlb:tableViewColumn element.

It does not render the cells (therefore no input fields either), because HTML tables are put together row by row (which is not possible until all columns are "registered" for use in the tableView).

Try placing your findAndReplace around the whole htmlb:tableView instead of just one column.

(I didn't test this, but I'm pretty confident it will work).


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Hi Max,

You are completely right.

Thanks for clearing some things out for me.


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