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BSP cannot pass internal table from one page to another

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I have a problem with a BSP app that I'm currently working on.

The BSP is set to statefull, an internal table (called selected_plan) is defined exactly alike in two separate pages and set as "auto".

but when I fill the table on my first page and the do the following

navigation->set_parameter( name = 'selected_plan' value = selected_plan ) .


I'm not able to get the data in the next page. In fact, the table appears as initial.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it greatly.

Kind Regards,


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Answers (2)

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I just tried it, cutting and pasting your code, and it works OK, so that part of your code is good. Unfortunately I don't know any way to show you what I did. We need a way of downloading BSPs to a flat file so thay can be passed around! I would check for spelling errors. I copied one page to another, so I know my names are the same. Anyway, try my code. If it works, compare it to yours and try to find the difference. In page1, I set the table to have 2 lines, display the number of lines, and use a button to go to page2. In page2, display the number of lines, then when the button is pushed add a line and return to page1. You can see the table grow as you navigate back and forth between the pages.

Create a statefule BSP Application, add two pages with Layout:

Here's the code in page1.htm:



Page Attribute: selected_plan, type string_table, auto = X

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I've not had a lot of success passing tables as parameters.

Try instead using server side cookies; see class cl_bsp_server_side_cookie, use methods set_server_cookie() to fill the cookie on first page, then method get_server_cookie() to ead contents on second page.