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BSP call new URL page blank

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Hi,i call from my bsp application a new url with:

navigation->USE_AUTO_SUBMIT_FORM( TARGET_FRAME = '_blank' ).

navigation->CALL_APPLICATION( url = url_role ).

call the new url ok, but my page turn in blank, i want to see my page, when i call the new url, how i do that?


Angel G.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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you can use


but this dosent open in a new window.

in oninputprocessing set a variable to decide whether a new page should be opened or not.

open_page = 'X' .

and in layout

<% if open_page = 'X' . %>

<script> '<%= url_role %>', target='_blank');


<% endif . %>

Hope this helps.



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thanks Raja, your code solved my problem

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