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BSP Browser settings

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When I test BSP applications using SE80, it doesn't ask me the log on pop up window at all. It causes problem some times while testing if I want to log in as different user from the Browser. First time when I reboot the system it asks for the user id and password, and subsequent testing via SE80 opens up the Browser but it displayes the result using my previous login information.

Can any one help me in resolving this problem.

with regards,


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Hi Suresh,

it's the browser that keeps the login information. Each time you want to access the same application the browser sends the authentification information of the last access. The browser keeps this information as long as its running.

If you need a new login just close the whole browser, not just the current browser window but the whole browser.

It might be a good idea to have the option to steer the se80 test button's behaviour:  start a new browser session (logon required) or use the existing one (no logon).

We'll think about it...


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Hi Dirk,

I even tried closing all the Browser windows, that doesn't help at all. Is there any option from SE80 which gives us the option of starting new browser session, i don't think so, If you know of this please post it here, I would appreciate it.

Another information is it works as I desired from another machine, so I think somewhere the Browser setting is screwed up here.


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Hi Suresh,

use basic authentication just for testing or during development.

Otherwise integrate the BSP application 'system' for handling your logon/logoff procedure and session management. This will ensure that after logging off all authentication data at the client side is deleted.

We suspect that there is some (browser plugin) software that keeps the basic authentication information alive.

The 'system' application comes with the Web AS. Link to documentation below, also check note 517860. Your browser needs to have cookies enabled.