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I have created many BSP applications in WAS6.20 using Model view control paradigm. I have read in the manual for 6.20 that a field or structure can be reference in the HTMLB tags using the systax //model/XYZ (XYZ could be field or structure). When we do this if there is any serach Help or check table(F4 help in ABAP) automatically the iCon will apprear next to that field for using as search help.

I tried to use the internal table defined in the model class in the table view eventhough the table structure has fields with search help assigned in data dictionary it doesn't show up in the BSP page. Any one has tried this out there is no much documentation about this..Please help.

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Hallo Suresh,

We do not provide any F4 help for our controls. We do provide hooks to build it yourself, but this is relatively complex. You can request for the inputfield such a F4 help icon. But everything thereafter is in your domain.

Specifically I would recommend looking at BSP_MODEL (in newer SPs) for some examples of what model binding support and not. Please keep in mind that this is work from more than a year ago. With Web Dynpro, a more extensive and complex model binding is supported. That of BSP is just the minimum required to work effectively.


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Here's the direct link to the documentation (MVC and BSP, tutorials, etc.):


Regards, Heidi

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Hi Heidi,

Thanks for your help link, I am familiar with developing MVC based BSP applications. Only thing which was not clear from the documenatation was if we use the model attribute //model/SalesOrder for an input field of a BSP page, and if SalesOrder refers to the DDIC in CRM or any WAS6.20 which has SAP search help or value help attached to it, will the BSP display the Icon next to the input field for clicking to get the possible values.

Brain in his earlier posting mentioned that SAP doesn't support this.

Thanks for your information