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Browser Screen jumps when (un-)checking checkbox

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Hi all,

I've built a very big WDA application in which I use many different UIElements. Everything works fine but I've got a usability issue:

When I check a checkbox(CB), the browser sets the line of the checked CB as the topline of the screen (the screens jumps(automatically scrolls to line)). This is very annoying.

I encounter this problem with Firefox. IE doesn't jump (but this could be a personal configuration of my browser.).

Can anybody tell me how to deactivate this "feature"/jumping?

Thanks in advance...


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I encountered the same problem (but for me Internet explorer had this behaviour, while Firefox worked correctly).

The cause of the problem is not known yet and not solved, but we have build in some kind of work-around: in the event-handling methods we detect which action has been triggered and we put the action-name in an attribute of the view.

In the method wddomodifyview we then put the focus on a specific UI-element, which prevents the browser from doing the annoying jump-to-top behaviour (the screen jumps to the UI-element which you have put the focus on). The decision to which UI-element we want to put the focus is based upon the action-name which has been put in the attribute. Generally, we put the focus on the UI-element right below the UI-element which triggered the action.


checkbox 1 - has action "action 1"

the next field on the view is for example inputfield 2

-> when "action 1" is triggered, we put "action 1" in the attribute

-> in wddomodifyview we have something like:

case attribute.

when "action 1".

put focus on the UI element "inputfield 2".

when "action 2".

put focus on the UI element "dropdown 3".


It's not an ideal solution, but until the cause of the problem is solved, this is better than nothing. Hope this helps for you.

Best regards,


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Thanks a lot.

I'll give it a try.

But I've to find out a different solution to decide which checkbox has been triggered, because I've too many checkboxes to define one action-method for each. (Thinking of one action-method and using parameter wdevent)

I'll keep you informed.