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Browser Back button action

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I am trying to call a method when the back button is clicked to make sure my pages are all up-to-date.

How can I capture the back button event?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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For those who might be interested, I will rephrase the problem and provide my work around it.

Say I am in page 1, a summary page, and click on one record to go to page 2, which holds the detail info of the record I clicked.

If I click on the back button from page 1 to go back to page 1 and then try to implement any action my program was still thinking that I am still in page 2 and was trying to capture the controls on page 2. The result was that I was getting null point excpetion since these controls do not exist on the current page.

What i did is simply adding an if clause to check that at the first control of my first page can be captured, not null, before I go ahead and start capturing the inforamtion of page 2.

I hope that was helpful!