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broken links in the monitoring

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I'm pretty new to SAP CAI and after creating a bot I was looking around in the monitoring tab.
In the training analytics I was running a benchmark and when checking the first graph I was a bit confused.
There are 3 points on the graph as shown in below image, but I don't know what they mean.

Luckily there was a link with more information. Unluckily the link is broken and redirects me to an empty page.
Is there a new link on which I can find this info?

Secondly when running the benchmark I get the option to add a validation file. I have no idea again what this is and pressed the provided link to get more info only to again be greeted by following:

So are there new links for these or can someone provide me the information here?

Kind regards

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi svenswennen

Thank for your feedback, I will create a ticket to fix it.

Here is the documentation where you can find answers to your questions:

All the best,


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