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Broken image in case of transport via NWDI

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I have a image file in a webdynpro application. I have placed it in the src -> mimes -> comps -> package folder.

When I deploy the application I can see the image on the application.

Now when I released the application from development to staging, the application works fine, but the image is not getting displayed. We get an 'X' mark in place of the image.

I checked the .ear file and extracted it. I can see the image file in the components-> package folder.

Also the .dcdef file of the application has the following:

<i> <folders>






We are using EP 7.0 SP11 portal and NWDI to transport the applications.

Please let me know how to solve the broken image issue.


Vibha Singhal

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Hi Vibha,

Check if the image is added in the activity. You can check this way...

- Go to Development Configuration Perspective

- Expand the DC

- Navigate to the location where you image is added.

Here you can see if the image is added to repository or not by checking the icon. If you see a blue color Hut symbol on your image then its not yet added your DTR repository. You can right click on the image (DTR -> Add -> )and add to you an acitivity then check in and release it.



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Thanks!! It works now... full points...