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Broken DCs while Assembling the component

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I am facing the problem of broken DC while assembling the component.

The DC got broken because the standard set of DCs which are contained in sap.com_SAP-JEE, sap.com_SAP_BUILDT, sap.com_SAP_JTECHS are not present in the consolidation track "TrackTest_C" while they are present in development track "TrackTest_D".

I tried to check in those standard compnent again through CMS "check in" tab, they gets into "development" tab but when I import them they do not appear in the "consolidation" tab therefore the standard DCs do not get imported to Consolidation track "TrackTest_C".

Please let me know if you have any idea regarding this problem

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While Importing in Development itself you have to Import the Software Component you have import the dependencies components like (SAP_JEE,SAP_JTECHS,etc).

If this is done properly with it's dependencies components you will not get the Broken DC's..