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Broadcasting to many users based on Authorisations

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I have one query which is to be broadcasted to several users and again with different parameters


First user should receive only Country A data

Second user should receive only Country B data

Third user Should receive only COuntry C Data...and so on based on Authorisation infoobject COUNTRY

can someone suggest how this can be done through BEx broadcaster via portal?

many thanks in adavnce!!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Sriman.

Create multiple broadcasting settings for the query with different values and schedule them.

Please let me know if detailed information required.



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It would be great if you can elaborate this with some example


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What he means is for example:

You create for each user a broadcast setting.

In the variable screen, you fill in different kind of companies.

broadcast setting 1: for user 1, for company A

Broadcast setting 2: for user 2, for company B

etc. etc.

So you can have multiple broadcast settings under one query.

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