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Broadcast eMail - usage of eMail saved in Attribute of InfoObject possible

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Hi Experts,

I need to do a Broadcast of a web template as PDF via eMail.

In the web template there is a query with the customer number in rows. As an attribute to the customer number we have the eMail of the key account manager - who is to receive the eMail.

Of course only those key accountants whose customer numbers are in the query, are to receive an email.

How can I use the eMail in the attribute for the mailing?

I have only seen that you can dirctly type the eMail adress, but not how to use the value of an attribute - but I read that this is possible...

Thank you for your help!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi there,

With the latest BI 7.0 release there is such functionality called Bursting where e-mail address can be taken from the BI Masterdata. You can use attributes of a characteristic which can contain an email address. This email address can then be read by the broadcaster to send emails automatically.

I think what you are trying to achieve is explained within the help documentation link below:

Hope this helps.


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