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Hello advice sought:

We have installed BRGUI on an XP workstation and receive errors messages when trying to connect to our Solaris UNIX SAP host. The xp rsh interface appears to be adding a ' (single speech quote) to the i/o stream. For example:

C:\>rsh -l orahrp "source /oracle/HRP/.cshrc;/usr/sap/HRP/SYS/exe/run/


BR0651I BRTOOLS 6.40 (30)

BR0280I BRTOOLS time stamp: 2005-08-11 10.50.31

BR0656I Choice menu 1 - please make a selection


BR*Tools main menu

1 = Instance management

2 - Space management

3 - Segment management

4 - Backup and database copy

5 - Restore and recovery

6 - Check and verification

7 - Database statistics

8 - Additional functions

9 - Exit program

Standard keys: c - cont, b - back, s - stop, r - refr, h - help


BR0662I Enter your choice:


BR0280I BRTOOLS time stamp: 2005-08-11 10.50.44

BR0664W Invalid choice: '9

BR0662I Enter your choice:


As you can see the c shell environment is being set up on the command line I'm not sure that this is standard behavior. But the main problem is the ' that gets added by DOS. Any suggestions?

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Hi Roland,

Try the command without sourcing the C environment.

Let me know what happens then.

Best regards,