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BRFplus - Access for all applications

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Hi guys,

When I create a BRFplus application, it is visible/editable only for me. I think it is a novice question but, how can I make my application public? I mean, how other consultants can see/edit my applications? Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

Carlos Araujo

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Carlos,

there is no visibility restriction as you describe it if working with BRF+ (at least not without additional implementation effort).

Do all developers/consultants have the same role in the SAP system especially concerning the BRF+ authority objects?

The application that you created is visible for you right away when you start BRF+. All other developers/consulatnts have to use the search functionality (e. g. by using the GUID of the application) to get it. Then they propably should put it into their favorites in the BRF+ workbench

Do the other consultants fail when executing the search so no search result is  returned and if so what parameters do they use for the search (Name, GUID ....)?

Best regards


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Hi Christian,

Thanks a lot for your answer and your time. My mistake when searching, now it is ok.

I apologize for the disturbance.

Best regards.


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