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BRF transport request determination

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Hi All,'

               I have a few questions in brf+ regarding the transport request.

1. Is there a way to determine what transport request a object is in? I mean  i don't find any method which directly gives the transport request in which a           particular application is involved in,

2. If a object is already in a transport request , we cannot create another transport request and load all the application data into it.This is what i have              believe is correct.The report FDT_TRANS also gives a message saying 'Object xxxxx is locked in transport request xxxx'  when we try to do so.

      Is this correct or some where in read in SDN about simultaneous recording in another transport request also.Is this true?

3. When we give a new request to a application object (since the old one is released) , do all the previously created contents fall into the new request or only the ones that are created after giving the new transport request would be recorded in the new transport request?

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dushyanth

1. You can see the transport in which a BRF+ object is currently locked by displaying that object in the BRF+ Workbench, clicking the Show More link, going to the Additional Information tab and looking at the Export Transport Request field.

2. In extreme cases, I have manually copied BRF+ object entries between transports but I would not recommend this as a normal process. If you decide to do this yourself please make sure you know what impact your changes will have on subsequent systems. User beware!

Someone else might have more insight on this topic.

3. When you edit an existing BRF+ object, the object plus it's parent application will be added to your new transport. For example, if you have a BRF+ application that contains a ruleset that uses a decision table that uses a data object and you only make a change to the data object then the data object and the application will be added to the transport but the ruleset and decision table will not.



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Hi Glen,

Can you Help me to find out the where we can see the additional info tab in BRF+ workbench  i tried but no luck.

currently i am using Custom Storage type in my all applications , whenever i do SCC1 from Dev to System , My Target System data gets overwritten .

is there any possibility to avoid this.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Prasad ,

You can find the "Additional Information in the application .

If you dont find it , probably you can check the "Personalization" settings in your BRF+ workbench.

(A small icon on the top right corner )

Best Regards

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