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BRF+ Initiator Rule MSMP Workflow

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Hi all,

I try to create a new initiator rule via BRF+. In this rule I want to check the request type and if there is a role approver for the roles added to the request.

The problem is, I can't find an entry for role approver in the structure GRAC_S_REQUEST_RULE_LINE. And a new added data object with the binding to the DDIC element GRAC_ROLE_APPROVER does not work.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Jan,

When creating the new BRF+ rules, you should be looking to have an Expression with a Decision Tree and then define your logical criteria there which will then generate a specific result.

You will then assign the generated result to a path in the MSMP config.

I would ensure that you have the appropriate elements expressed in your decision tree to identify the desired results.


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Hi Simon,

in this case, the entry "role owner" is not available for selection in the decision tree.

Is there any way to get all available fields there?

If it is possible to select the role name, why should it not be possible to check for the role approver, right?



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Can you confirm the expression and line items selected by you in BRF+. Normally this is because of wrong expression selected.


Rajan Arora