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Break up one big report into smaller reports

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Is is possible to break up my SAP Webi BO report which has over 170k rows into smaller individual reports that contain 20k rows?

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This is a classic case of trying to get a reporting tool to do a ETL tool's (e.g. SSIS) job. I understand you may have your hands tied in this situation, but I do not believe this is possible.

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Hey Jay

Can you please try below

=Count([object])In Report

Use the page function available in the WebI under Misc. category.

  • --Insert a Cell and apply function PageInSection()
Or you can also add a column where you display the total count incremental value and then filter based on that
You could also limit size of the result set in Universe parameter

Read this on how you could add ranking and then filter based on that

Let me know if that helped