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BRBACKUP options - difference between rman_util, rman_stage and rman_disk?

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I am trying to implement a brbackup solution utilizing Oracle rman via Tivioli Storage Manager.

From reading the documentation, if I use rman_util option this will also require use of backint to backup the non-database elements. It appears that the rman_stage and rman_disk options can be used which do not require use of backint which sounds desirable.

However, I cannot find any documentation to explain how these differ and how these work?

It appears that the rman_stage option may work with an external tape API but when I try and use this, it asks for remote_host and remote_user to be entered in the init<SID>.sap file. This suggests that it is trying to do some sort of remote copy rather than use the tape API (TSM for Databases in my case).

Please can anyone explain this better?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Tom,

Setting tape_copy_command = rman_disk is possible as of Web AS 6.20. It enables you to perform backups

with BR*Tools using RMAN, without having to use the BACKINT interface of the external backup tool.

For more information about the installation of the SBT library, see SAP Note 142635



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Ok Thanks but this still doesn't explain what are the differences between rman_util, rman_stage and rman_disk? and how do I get these to work through the TSM TDP for Oracle API?

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I'm not expert in RMAN, but I know pretty well BR* tools and, with the help of the documentation, I think I can explain the differences to you.

1) if you want to use RMAN directly with a 3rd party tool and BRBACKUP then you had no other option than to use the BACKINT interface.

The following parameter has to be set:

backup_dev_type = rman_util

2) if you do not use BACKINT interface, then the only option is to backup to disk or to use a 3rd party SBT. in the last case, some files (logs, control files, profiles) are not backed up on the tape, they mst be copied to disk:

  • local disk: backup_dev_type = rman_disk

  • remote disk: backup_dev_type = rman_stage

you can find more information on the documentation:


As I mentioned, this is my understanding from reading the documentation. May be someone has 1st hand information.

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Thanks, yes that makes sense now.


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