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BRbackup is failing with signal 15

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Hi all

i am facing below problem while backing up .

BR0280I BRCONNECT time stamp: 2007-05-09 09.35.30

#BEGIN /oracle/SID/sapdata5/btabd_3/btabd.data3

#BEGIN /oracle/SID/sapdata5/btabd_1/btabd.data1

#BEGIN /oracle/SID/sapdata5/btabd_12/btabd.data12

BR0280I BRCONNECT time stamp: 2007-05-09 09.35.30

BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2007-05-09 12.45.36

BR0261E BRBACKUP canceled by signal 15

BR0278I Command output of '/usr/sap/SID/SYS/exe/run/brconnect':

BR0801I BRCONNECT 6.40 (9)



#INBACKUP Table name

SID has been changed due to security reason.

is anybody come to this type of problems

Thanks in advance

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Answers (3)

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You should look into applying the last patches on BRTOOLS. I notice that you use BRTOOLS 6.40, Patch 9.

Nonetheless seek the OSS Note that explain the error codes return by BR*TOOLS.

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set a br_trace to level 15 using SAP note 29321 Creating traces for BR Tools

then, execute brconnect. you will get a big trace and check at the end of it, you will find which actions were running when it crashed. supply last 50 lines of this trace.

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The suggestion is perfect, only one caution.

Keep in mind that you are executing BRBACKUP and this calls BRCONNECT.

BRCONNECT is failing.

This means that the interesting information will be delivered by BRCONNECT.

Set the environment variable to get the trace:


and then you can start BRBACKUP with a lower trace, to avoid all the data of the level 15 on the BRBACKUP log:

BRBACKUP <options> -TRC 1

With this two settings you get a small trace level for BRBACKUP ( -TRC 1 ) and a high level for BRCONNECT ( environment -> BR_TRACE=15 )

Hope it helps.


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Hi Raju,

BR0261E BRBACKUP canceled by signal 15 means the BRbackup program has been terminated either by user or by system.

Find out whether the system went down during the backup slot.

Check note 17163 for more info on error code.