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brarchive help - regrading the arch<SID>.log file ...

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Hi all,

Recently, I have a disk filling up fast problem on the archivelog directory, so I have to do the following:

01 - move some files to a temporary directory

02 - run brarchive - SUCCESFUL with warnings due to the archivelogs that I moved

03 - return some of the files that I moved to the original archivelog directory

04 - make a copy of arch<SID>.log as arch<SID>.log.01

05 - modify the arch<SID>.log file to start backing up from the files that I returned to its original directory

06 - run brarchive again - SUCCESSFUL with warnings due to archivelogs that I moved and have not returned to the original directory

07 - repeat the process from step 03 until all archivelogs has been backed up


- For step 04, I rename arch<SID>.log to arch<SID>.log.02 on the second run, arch<SID>.log.03 on its 3rd run and so on and so forth.

Now after all is said and done, I end up with several files names arch<SID>.log.01, arch<SID>.log.02 .... arch<SID>.log.NN and arch<SID>.log.

I want to know if anyone knows how I can combine all these files into one new arch<SID>.log file. Reason being is that some of the missing archivelogs that are reported in arch<SID>.log has actually already been backed up but are not recorded in the most recent arch<SID>.log file.

I just discovered that I need to do this, otherwise brrestore will complain that the file to restore is not found because it is not in the most recent arch<SID>.log file. Or maybe, is there a way to tell brrestore what arch<SID>.log file to use? That is, can I run brrestore and tell it to use arch<SID.log.01?

Any feedback will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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This post has been duplicated, can't see the option to delete a thread so mark it as answered instead.