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BPS with mySAP ERP 2004 vs. BPS 3.5

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Hi all,

Whats is the <u>context</u> difference between Solution Consultant Financials - Strategic Enterprise Management - CPM & BPS with mySAP ERP 2004 certification exam and Solution Consultant mySAP ERP Financials – Strategic Enterprise Management –

CPM & BPS (SEM3.5) certification exam? SAP says that the former exam's BPS section includes :

Comparison of SAP system and SEM-BPS

Data basis for SEM-BPS

Integrated use of SAP system and SEM-BPS

Integrated business planning

Business plans

Planning design and architecture

Locking concept

Layout Builder

Interface between SEM-BPS and BW

Structure and characteristics of planning functions


Key figure model and account model

Data transfer structures and multi-planning areas

Planning folders

Web Interface Builder

Comparison of planning interfaces

Planning hierarchy in SEM-BPS

Hierarchies and attribute assignment in BW

Characteristic relationships in SEM-BPS

Top-down and bottom-up modeling


however the first exam includes:

Focuses on integrating subplans for a business plan, such as planning results, overhead and personnel costs, investments, balance sheets, and liquidity.

Overhead cost planning with primary and secondary costs

Balance sheet planning using financial planning functions

Personnel cost planning

Liquidity planning and cash flow analysis

CPM part of both exams are same, but why there is a difference in BPS part?

I am planning to take Strategic Enterprise Management - CPM & BPS with mySAP ERP 2004 certification exam, I am wondering what you know about these 2 exams? What topics should I focus on?



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Hello Kaan,

the SEM 3.5 exam is simply based on an older version. You should take the mySAP ERP 2004 exam (or 2005 once this comes out). The BPS functionality has changed only marginally so it's not really a different, but it's nicer to have a recent certification of course



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