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BPS_WB - Creating a Dropdown List of GPSs using bspSubmit() ??

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I am trying to create a Dropdown List that contains a number of GPS. When I create Function Push Button to execute the GPS the code that gets generated is

<span><a href="#1" onclick="javascript:bspSubmit('GPS1'); return false;" class="sapBtnStd" OnMouseOver="javascript:window.status = 'GPS1'; return true;" title="GPS1"><nobr>Execute GPS1</nobr></a></span>

Also (as an example) I have created a Function Selector (which seems that it can not be used for GPSs) for a Planning Function that has a number of Parmeter Groups and have looked at this code:

<select name="ParamSel1" size="1" class="bpsSelDdl" onChange="javascript:bspSubmit('ParamSel1');">

<option value="PF178000/PG178010"><span class="bpsSelDdlTxt">Copy Verion 000 (PF178000/PG178010)</span></option>

<option value="PF171000/PG171010"><span class="bpsSelDdlTxt">Delete (PF171000/PG171010)</span></option>

<option value=""selected><span class="bpsSelDdlTxt">-- SELECT --</span></option>


I thought I would be able to use a similar <select></select> tag set and imbedd that within a Text Element within BPS_WB. For instance,

<select name="DDL_Gps" size="1" class="bpsSelDdl" onChange="javascript:bspSubmit('DDL_Gps'); return false;">

<option value="GPSTechName1">GPS1</option>

<option value="GPSTechName2">GPS2</option>

<option value="" selected>-- Select --</option>


This does not work. I also tried to use the name of the Function Push Button that is defined in BPS_WB for the two GPSs. That did not work either...

Has anyone accomplished similar? I am working on 3.2 at the moment.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Alan,

you almost got it right. First add a function button for each GPS to your web interface. Set "visible" to false.

Then add the following text component. The option values have to match the technical name of the function buttons.

<select name="DDL_Gps" size="1" class="bpsSelDdl" onChange="javascript:bspSubmit(this.form.DDL_Gps.options[this.form.DDL_Gps.selectedIndex].value); return false;">

<option value="FunctionButton2">GPS1</option>

<option value="FunctionButton3">GPS2</option>

<option value="" selected>-- Select --</option>




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