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BPS Save Issues ...

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We upgraded to SAP_BW 350 0013 and SEM-BW 400

0009 recently. The issue I see is that when I press save for a large

record set (say 50000 records), instead of writing directly to the

database, it seems to get hung up on the pretty printer program,function PRETTY_PRINTER (an ABAP trace shows that it consumes over 60% of runtime).

Sometimes it causes a memory short dump (over 1gig requested for 50000 records?). We didn't seem to get this issue before and have had no success

finding similar issues with a notes search or the SDN. If you have any ideas it would be great!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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the issue is related to trace that is being recorded. If the trace is on, the system records all saved data into a program. With high data volume, the program and therefore the pretty print becomes very long.

Turn off the trace to resolve the problem: Use program SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN and set value DEBUG_RSDRI = OFF (or space or delete the value).

Also see note <a href="">302937</a>.



SAP NetWeaver RIG

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That solved my issue ... Thanks Marc!

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Your patches seem to be not recent. Please upgrade to current patch level as follows: SAP_BW 350 0015 & SEM_BW 400 0011. Please also look at FINBASIS 300 which is at the current supplied patch level 0011.

I give the following suggestions:

1. Based on the short-dump error message, you can search SAP notes and fix the problem.

2. Your sizing may be incorrect. Please look at the sizing calculation.

If you can eloborate more, I can give you accurate solution.

Ganesh Shankar