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BPS project docs & specs autoload?

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How can I load customizing specification of formats and functions of BPS from system. The customizing is stored in system How do U get table view of customizing options for project docs & specs ?

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Hi Gregory,

we first have implemented an excel solution to document to project. But this solution is quite heavy... ( you first had to download the BPS-Table in Spredsheet format, store it in a specified folder and then actualize Excel sheets with lots of links and pivot table.

The main advantage of this solution: you have the settings from exactly one point... then you can see the changes between new version and basis version.

No wwe have implemented several views and Programm to fill some selfdesigned tables (especially for functions with Fields for conditions and fields to be changed) and we get anytime we want a whole overview of the settings. This is very good when your changes a variable or something like that.

It is a hard work to find all tables and there relationship!!

There are some tools too on the market for the documentation of these settings like (imisys or imysys?? (german tool)) but it is not very interactive as you have to download the repository after each change. Moreover it is really Version dependent!!

Best regards


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for most project, we used screenshots and saved codes plus some additional information to document the configuration...

Hope this helps,


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there's no global configuration download functionality available for BPS so far. We have implemented it in the coming release, SAP NetWeaver 2004s.



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