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BPS Lead Column Settings

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Wondering if anyone else has encountered this:

We have Layouts where we would like a dynamic selection of Cost Elements in the Lead Column plus 10 more rows that are locked as comparison.

To accomplish this, I made the setting "Key Figures in Data Columns, rows defined individually." I then made the Lead Column dynamic for Cost Element. This seems to work well, it pulls Cost Elements from the Planning Package and lists them before my 10 defined rows.

The problem is that we want to make the setting "From Transaction Data"...not every Cost Element. This setting seems to be ignored since I set the dynamic Lead Column. This is not correct. Every Cost Element is pulled-in, even those with '0', making the Layout very unfriendly.

I'd appreciate any help!


Luke Rudnick

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Hi Luke,

Did you check in the cube to see if those zero records actually exist? If they exist in the cube, then they would be included in the layout.


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Hi Mary-

I zero records. I think it's not working as it should. Opened an OSS.

Hope you are well.