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BPS - How to Load Flat File ... - Transport RC 8

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Hi Guys,

We tried to implement the How to solution named "How to Load a Flat File into BW-BPS Using SAPGUI" and in development in works fine.

When we tried to transport in Quality we had a RC 8 (falure) because of the coding of the global data of the function group.

In fact in the global data we have to declare some Types referred to a Table Type that has the following name: /1sem/_yth_data_<sy-mandt><Planning_Area>. Since mandt is different the Table Type cannot be found ... and in STMS we get the message "The type '/1SEM/_YTH_DATA_170ZCSPAB11'" is unknown.

Did somebody of you experienced suche a problem and found a solution?

Thanks in advace to who will help


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Your blog related to this stream looks like exactly what I am looking for, but I can't see the pictures or certain sections that have the code you figured out.  Is there a way for you to send it to me or repair the blog?

Thank you in advance!

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Dear Liza,

I think you and Claudia are asking for the same missing images.

I replied in the blog.