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BPS Allocation Function

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Hi there,

I'm trying to make my BPS Allocation Function works in the following way. For example:


Cost element 7770005 Profit Center 50003 & 50004

Amount 15K & 10K

Receiver: Cost Element 9982401 Profit Center 50005 & 50006

25% & 75% therefore 6250 & 18750

Result Expected:

1. Be able to keep my original amounts from the sender.

2. Account posting (offsetting) on Cost Element 9982401 Profit center 50003 & 50004 Amount -15K & -10K

Is there a way to run the allocation function without zero out the original amounts?

If the Allocation Function is not the solution, do you guys have any solution on how to accomplish the same results?

The Distribution function does not have amounts only factors (Percentages %).

P.S. User Exit is the last option.

Thank you very much,


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Hello Marc, Mary,

First off, I'd like to let you know that I found your responses very informative. Thank you for your contributions.

Note: 5/23/05 0652 MST

I have re-posted the question that I had asked here separately, under a new note.

Thank you for your time

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