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BPMon : Change detail info transaction

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HI All,

Can we control the transaction that is called when we press the detail info button in the alert inbox of BPMon?

I am using a table entry counter to monitor PO's in a particular status. When an alert is generated, the user goes to the alert inbox and clicks on the detail info button. The detail info gives you information about the PO's but also displays other information which could be sensitive. How can I make detail info button call the transaction I want. Is it possible?? How can I achieve what I am trying to do.



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you cant control the Detail info buttion in solution manager.

But you can have control of the information access from the managed system side by controlling the roles and authoisation of managed system.

Just assign the proper limited authoirsation for the user in managed system, then if he click the detail info button, only the content which he has authoised would be displayed.

Other way you completely grey out the display detail button using the solution manager authoisation too.

Please check.



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Hi Jhansi,

Thank you for your response.

As i had mentioned, I am using a table entry counter. If you click on the detail info button, a detail view of the table is displayed for the records which match the criteria. In this detailed display of the table, few columns have sensitive data. How can we filter out the columns that we do not want to be displayed to the support user??



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Hi Ashutosh

First of all as Jansi mentiond, you cannot change the program/transaction that is called via detail info button.

Table entry counter is special monitor. Since it enables dynamic data retrival, it does not store the data collection result in backend system(other document monitor like PO monitor, Sales Doc monitor, it store the result in the managed system and when you display the detail list, it display the stored data). And when you press the detail info button, it execute the selection again and display the data that match the selection in SE16 framework. So as you realize, the result list is more or less same as the SE16. And you cannot limit the display field.

This is one of the limitation of table entry counter.

If you want to navigate specific transaction instead of detail list, probably you can add analysis transaction in your table entry counter setting. By doing this, you may see additional button beside the detail info button and by pressing the button, your can navigate to the certain transaction.

And you just de-activate some authorization for detail info of table entry counter.

(To execute the detail info, I think SE16 authorization and table class authorization is required.

Table class authorization object is S_TABU_DIS and table class can identify via table TDDAT).

Another possibility is using standard PO monitor or build your own monitor by using customer exit framework.

Best Regards

Keiji Mishima

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Thanks Guys,

I dont know if I am allowed to say this, but Jhansi and Keji are the people who I bank on to give me answers on Solution Manager issues, and they have not disappointed me yet. Thanks a lot guys.



PS: Specially when I am the only guy in my organization working on Solman.